Project- Model Village (Ongoing Project)

Social Responsibility is an ethical framework of any individual or organization which indicates that they are supposed to act for the benefit of society.  Whatever we take from society, now it's the time to give it back to society by maintaining an ecological balance too. all groups or individuals have to perform their part of social responsibility be it an individual, student, corporate world or any occupational group.

In this context, social equality is required in all spheres like, equal rights to all people in a specific society, security, equal opportunities to all genders, freedom of speech,  health equality, economics equality and other social secruities.

As such primary aim of university is to spread education or higher education in society. But as an institute of higher education, overall development of underprivileged people and reaching at their door steps is also required. It becomes our duty to make them aware about benefits of education, health and safety issues, cleaniness and environmental issues.

Our duty as a responsible citizen is to provided quality of life to all including those who are underprivileged and  whatever little we can contribute in making others lives more worth living. As we belong to educated strata of society, it's expected from us that we should make others also aware of certain issues which may help them in leading a more comfortable life.

Women study centre in this regard wants to contribute in making the life of residents of village Akalgarh, more smooth, more comfortable and worth living. The females of this village are also quite enthusiastic in learning new skills which may help them in earning livelihood like stitching courses computer courses etc. It will surely enhance their skills and employability. A little effort can sometime contribute much in improving the situation. This small village with around 120 houses has only one primary school and no health facilities. Females who have less mobility as compared to males can be helped by organising health awareness camps and by providing them free medicines. To elevate poverty, the schemes of micro financing will be adopted, with the help of SBOP, which is already providing such facilities in many villages. As such, we will start with the following main objectives:-

1.  Skill enhancement & Self-sufficiency :- The villagers are quite enthusiastic  about learning some new skills through stitching & knitting classes, computer  courses or beautician classes. It will further help them in earning their  livelihood.

2. Health and Cleanliness :- Health awareness camps are to be organised with  the  help of doctors in university dispensary and physiotherapy Department  of the university and even some private doctors are ready to extend help.  Cleanliness issue needs to be  given highest priority.

3. Education:- Those who have left Schooling in between may be after 8th or 9th  class our aim is to provide them with  all type of support like books and  tutors.  Even  some basic facilities to the primary school children of the village  will also be Provided.

4. Micro Financing :- They will be made aware about establishing the units of  micro financing with the help of SBOP.

5. Other objectives:- Other objectives are providing proper lighting & sanitation  facilities , Drug - deaddiction , Legal awareness, Social awareness (about  the issues of dowry, Female Foeticide etc.) Counseling on different issues and  also to make them aware with the help of short plays.


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