International Women's Day Celebration 2019

Women’s Studies Centre celebrated International Women Day on the theme “Collective Activism to Save the Girl Child” on 7th March 2019. The programme started with a rally in which distinguished guests, faculty members and students of Department of Commerce, Applied Management, Psychology and WSC participated. The rally was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B.S.Ghuman. The rally was followed by two lectures at Kala Bhawan. The function was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof.B.S.Ghuman he said that to free the women from the age old shackles, public movement should be initiated right from the local to the global level with a whole hearted approach where cooperation of both male and female. He further added that various resolutions framed by United Nations need to be implemented.


Dr.Harshinder Kaur, a renowned paeditrician and social activist said that today’s youth should be positively enagaged a respective of the gender to be the leading force in bringing the change in the society. She suggested for developing a strong support system where all members of the society should be contributing. She lucidly concluded her thought provoking lecture with an inspiring poem. Madam Rahish Pahwa, Senior Advocate, High Court, Chandigarh highlighted the legal measures available to the females for mitigating the prevailing crimes and evils in the  Indian society. She had an interactive session narrating various instances of  grave crime against women irrespective of their  class and caste. She said that self education is a self engineering which is necessity of the  hour for both sexes in the society.


Dr. Ritu Lehal, Director, WSC said that even today, there are millions of women around the world who are either speechless or are struggling hard to secure their rights. The discrimination and inequality is still every prominent, especially in developing and backward countries. The increasing number of cases reported/unreported for child sexual abuse specially against girl chid, brings forward the concern and need to  address the issue at this platform.


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